People often say ‘it’s a dog’s life’ when they mean that life is getting them down, but the truth is, most people have no idea how good we dogs have it. As the official watchdog at Purplemango, I spend a lot of my time soaking up the sunlight in the garden, whilst keeping an eye out for intruders and making sure my team is safe and sound up in the Batcave. Those who don’t know me may say I’m ‘lazy’ because I sunbathe all day, but the Purplemango group knows better. What people don’t realize is that I sit out in the sun to catch ideas. As well as being a watchdog, I’m also something of a creative mind here at the office. Although I leave the more ‘official’ work to my friends who live upstairs, they know I’m always on hand for inspiration, or simply to lend a ear if they want to talk.

I think humans spend too much of their day worrying and stressing out about things. Personally, I don’t see the point in that. Yes, it’s true that there can be a lot to stress out about in the world, but there’s also a great deal to be thankful for – like sunshine, and food, and belly rubs. One of the best things about being a dog is that you’re always aware of the better things. Yes, some days it may rain and I can’t doze in the sunlight like I want to, but the next day might be sunny. Or maybe the day after. The important thing is to stay positive, even when the skies are grey. Luckily for me, my Purplemango friends share this attitude to life. There’s never a sad day at the office, even if everyone’s flooded with work, or tired after a long week.  I can always count on a pat on the back from my favorite humans. It’s easy to be creative when you’re surrounded by so much love, and it’s easy to be happy when you spend all day eating, sleeping and dreaming.  Maybe humans just need to take a little time out every now and then to get the ‘Phoebe experience’, and creativity will soon follow.