Beginnings are usually a potent mix of confidence and confusion.

There are points of absolute surety which are dotted with a complete loss of direction.

But somewhere there is a definite plan or at least it feels like there is one.

You look at what you’ve started with and you’re pretty sure it looks ugly….


Middles are generally muddled. 
It’s a point of constant self-reinforcement. To believe even when you’re not sure about believing.

As you continue, the line of direction becomes less and less blurry.

It doesn’t matter that it’s looking uglier than when you started, because there is a bigger plan.

(At least you believe that there is a bigger plan)

If every plan worked out exactly as planned, we’d be living in Utopia.
We don’t. That explains the destiny of most well-made plans.
But somehow the plan has evolved, you have evolved, the work has evolved.
You look away and when you look again you think, “Oh dear God, that is the Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!!” 
You’ve shut down the system in despair. Scratched the scribbles. Torn the idea pages.
A desperate attempt to wipe away any sort of memory of what you’ve created.
And then somebody accidentally stumbles on your creation. Maybe you accidentally show it to them.
“Did you actually make that? It’s mind-blowing” 

You look at it again and you’re amazed at what you’ve created. It is beautiful.

Ugly. Uglier. Ugliest. Beautiful.

It’s the journey of every creative process.