Did you choose to wear dancing shoes,

because music was always playing in your head?

“Can you dance your way through life?”

And then questions mount on questions until you’re faced with a gigantic mountain of questions.

The mountain looks too high and so you decide to cross over it on your toes wearing ballet shoes.

If the walk is going to be difficult, then you might as well make it fun.


Did you pick up a paint-brush,

because your colours looked better than your words.

“Can you eat paintings when you get hungry?”

And then the worries flood your mind, before you know it you’re drowning in them.

While you’re drowning, you decide to draw a boat, because that’s just what a drowning artist should do.

A perfect boat in which you can row your way into a beautiful sunrise.


Did you lose yourself to the guitar,

because it was the only thing you were tuned in to.

“Can you sing for the rest of your life?”

And then the doubts get louder and louder, they slowly turn into screams.

You capture the screams and make them a part of your song.

When you finally step on that stage and pause in the middle of your song, a hundred people will fill that pause with a scream.